You can watch Parenthood Season 6 Episode 10 online via TV Fanatic to see what happens after Zeek hits the ambulance. Watch Parenthood online now.

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On Parenthood Season 6 Episode 10 Zeek finds himself in further danger after suffering not one, but two additional heart attacks. The family comes to his side and they are all there for each other as they remember good times and hope for the best.

While there, Crosby and Adam get word about The Luncheonette. Will their lives be changing on even another front? Can the two agree about what to do with regard to their business?

It's the night of Amber's baby shower. Can it be salvaged? Watch Parenthood online now and find out how wonderful the family is when the going gets tough.

Episode Details

On Parenthood Season 6 Episode 10, the family reacts to Zeek's serious medical crisis in "How Did We Get Here" on Thursday, January 8th.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (22 Votes)
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Parenthood Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Adam: Hey Cros, let's check in on The Luncheonette.
Crosby: Oh yeah, that will be uplifting.

Listen, we're not back together, we're on the road to possibly getting together...