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Onthis week's episode of Perception…

Kate Moretti invites Daniel Pierce to help consult on a murder case involving a therapist and his connection to insurance company, Janstar.

He learns that Janstar was giving the therapist bonus money when he'd let patients be released from his care as "cured." He also uncovers who might have killed the therapist despite Kate not being allowed to investigate that portion of the case.

Pierce discovers that the black SUV following him wasn't a hallucination but hired by Janstar to dig up dirt on him.

Pierce soon discovers that the therapist was gay and he was trying to "cure" himself, as well as other patients, with a dopamine pill.

Kate and Pierce confront one of the patients and learn that he had an affair with the therapist, but wanted to steal the pills so he could go back to being "normal." The patient kills the therapist after the therapist claimed his love for him.

At the Gala, Pierce bumps into Kate and her boyfriend, before having a positive and flirtatious interaction with the benefactor the Dean was trying to impress.

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Perception Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

That's brilliant, ending class on a cliffhanger. Always want them leaving more.


Does free will exist?

Daniel Pierce