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On this week's episode of Perception…

After Lewicki goes on vacation, Dr. Pierce goes and meets with a former student named Wesley Sumpter who claims that he knows about a murder conspiracy that caused a plane crash.

At first, Kate isn't sure if Pierce was telling the truth, but she finds footage of someone fleeing the murder scene.

Pierce accuses an electronics company that designed the of causing the crash. Avionics and electronic voting booths.

He starts believing a secret society is trying to get certain people into power.

Pierce discovers the potential time of the next secret society meeting when he is arrested for the murder of Wesley Sumpter.

He believes Kate's partner is connected to the plot.

Kate and Pierce go on the run.

He arrives at the meeting but the secret society greets his JFK hallucination. Pierce freaks out is and calmed down by Lewicki where he realizes that he's been in his apartment the whole time.

After speaking with his Natalie hallucination, Pierce admits himself to a hospital.

Moretti discovers a video from Wesley Sumpter.

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