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On this week's episode of Person of Interest…

The Machine comes up with a number involving a girl named Theresa Whitaker. Unfortunately, she was claimed dead two years ago.

A contract hit had been placed on her and her family over real estate, but Theresa had been allowed to live.

After it is learned that Theresa is alive and soon to be wealthy owner of the property, another attempt on her life is taken. Reese kills the hitman and saves Theresa.

Reese uses Detective Carter's obsession with finding him in order to place Theresa safely in police custody. She is reunited with her Aunt.

Reese discovers that Finch has been pretending to work as a low level employee within his own company in order to hide in plain sight. Finch leaves his "position" in order to keep his secrets hidden from Reese.

Meanwhile, flashbacks reveal Finch before his leg limp and the development and origins of The Machine. He was working with another man.

Person of Interest
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Person of Interest Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Mr. Reese? We'll meet on my schedule, not yours.


I would call the police and a good divorce lawyer.