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Addison kissed Wyatt and is still lying about it to Kevin about what she was doing that night. Addison does come clean about the kiss with Naomi, who isn't as convinced as Addison that it wasn't cheating.

That night at the hospital, Kevin comes looking for her and "jokes" about her cheating some more. He may have something to be suspicious of, but he still doesn't need to behave like a child.

The next day, Addison confesses to kissing Wyatt and Kevin replies, "I knew it." She tells him that the one hour when she kissed Wyatt was the one hour this past month that she hasn't had a knot in her stomach. Kevin leaves.

Addison goes to see Wyatt and instead finds her brother Archer having sex with Naomi.

The Baby

Judy has to deliver her baby via c-section but the baby is still having trouble breathing. Judy doesn't want to make any decisions regarding the surgery on the baby, she insists that the Sinclaires make the decisions.

There are two surgeries to choose from. One that is more permanent and higher-risk and one that won't solve the problem but less risky. Mr. Sinclaire freaks and suddenly there is no one making a decision.

They inform Judy that they need her consent about the surgery because the Sinclaires might not go through with the adoption.

Judy goes with Addison's more aggressive approach.

The surgery goes well and the baby is okay. The Sinclaires come back to say that they are ready to adopt the baby, but Judy says no way.

Judy finally decides to let the Sinclaires have him and gives them tearful instructions, like make sure he studies, as she says goodbye.

Charlotte and Cooper

Charlotte makes a post-coital proposal to Cooper. He is less than thrilled at first, but then he shows up that night and she's dressed in white.

She wants to go to Vegas the next day and he is hesitant. He finally tells her that he wants to marry her, but with all his friends and family.

She says she won't go down the aisle without her father and now that he's dead she won't do it. He tells her she needs time to grieve.

She silently walks off.


Violet chose Sheldon over Pete and now things are kind of weird between her and Pete. She's also treating an agoraphobic, Nora, whose daughter, Tina, wants her mother at her wedding. Nora locks herself in a closet.

She tells Violet that she's consumed by her fear of everything and Violet couldn't possibly understand. Violet starts crying, then confides in Nora that she's terrified right now because she's pregnant.

At Tina's wedding, Nora won't get out of the car.

They call Violet, who talks to Nora about how she started staying at home in case her husband came back (after he left her).

It's how her agoraphobia started. Violet says that she's mad at her husband for leaving and getting a life and now she's a little bit mad at her daughter for the same thing (getting married).

Violet helps her out of the car and down the aisle of the church. When Tina sees Nora standing there, she is overcome with emotion. It's very sweet. Nora can't believe she almost missed this.

Back at the office, Violet goes into Nora's closet and Cooper finds her there crying. He tells her about his pending nuptials.

Violet cannot stop laughing and spews out that she's pregnant and that she doesn't know who the father is.


Sam informs Alexander that because of the pancreatic cancer he only has a few weeks left and Alexander asks if they'll help him die.

They argue about assisted suicide, telling Cooper that Alexander wants morphine to help him die. Sam puts his foot down and says no.

Alexander makes a good case about being able to kill himself but then it turns out he doesn't need Pete's help - he's eating bowls of pudding mixed with pills.

Pete hangs out with him while he dies and Alexander advises Pete not to live alone, because he'll die alone, like Alexander is.

Sam shows up at Alexander's house and wants to call an ambulance but Pete tells him not to.

The next morning, Alexander tells Sam that he doesn't want to die. If he could live the way he always lived, he'd be great.

But he can't live that way anymore and he doesn't want to live as a shell.

He advises Sam not to die alone either.

Pete comes back and gives a nice speech about being a doctor, which means he helps people manager pain, beat illness and be well.

Sam then takes the syringe of morphine and hands it to Alexander, telling him that he and Pete are going to sit and not pay attention to him.

Alexander gives himself the morphine but when he starts to die, he starts to have second thoughts. He dies in Pete's arms as Pete assures him that he was in fact a part of this world.

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Private Practice Season 2 Episode 13 Quotes

Violet: I'm pregnant.
Cooper: You're pregnant?
Violet: And I don't know who the father is. Cooper, we are two of the most emotionally stunted people I've ever known. We've never made any progress in our personal life. We don't do personal growth and now, here you are, getting married, and I'm pregnant and we're just growing all over the place.

Hi, Sis. How do you like my new office?