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Addison's patient Janine needs a heart transplant, and of course, only Noah is around at St. Ambrose to do the honors.

Fortunately for Janine, her husband Phillip is the same blood type, and just he happens to end up brain dead hours before she's going to die of heart failure.

After receiving the heart, Janine says she thinks that Phillip's brother Malcolm, who dotes on her, murdered Phillip to provide the heart.

But there's no evidence, so that goes nowhere.

Charlotte was right to cry foul; Addison and Noah were way too fast in thinking they got a free heart fair and square.

The ethics of that one are highly debatable.

Sheldon, Violet and Pete

Pete and Lisa were becoming more serious and so Pete tells her that Violet may be carrying his child.

She's actually cool with it, but tells him to get his act together and figure out what he wants to do.

So he does, and he dumps her for Violet and the unknown future.

But before he can tell Violet this fact, Sheldon proposes to Violet.

Drops down on his knee, and admits he can't live without her (whoever the father of the baby might be).

Cooper and Sam and Naomi

Sam treats Donna, a teacher who is sleeping with one of her teenage students, Bobby, and, Sam defends her.

Bobby is only a month away from turning 18, so it's cool, and she may even lose her job, says Sam! Bobby, however, is Cooper's patient, and Cooper is very Cooper about it.

But from this situation, Sam thinks even though there may be love involved, some things are just not meant to be, and he un-friends Naomi.

Meanwhile, Naomi is being wooed away from Oceanside by doctor William who promises to let her rule the world at his fancy state-of-the-art practice-to-be.

But it turns out the practice William currently owns is Pacific Wellcare... Charlotte's. A Naomi and Charlotte fight is definitely brewing.


Dell is still acting allsulky and whiny and snarky to his co-workers. He still hasn't found his daughter.

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