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Sam tries to calm a man who was in a car crash before he operates on him.

This is the drunk driver that plowed into Dell and Maya.

In another section of the hospital, Dell is diagnosed with minor injuries. Maya, however, has no feeling below the waist.

Addison begins an emergency C-section to deliver Maya’s baby, but something is wrong. Maya’s pressure is dropping fast.

They need to keep the baby inside her until Amelia can determine what’s happening.

The news is not good. If they save the baby, there’s a good chance Maya will never walk again.

William visits Fife to say he’s not proceeding with the experimental treatment for his illness.

He going away and asks Fife to cover for him so that Naomi can focus solely on her daughter.

He’s doing this because he loves her.

When Fife arrives at the hospital, he suggests using hypothermia to save both Maya and the baby.

It’s a long shot, but one Sam thinks is worth taking.

When Sam makes the connection with the patient, Pete lies and says it's a different drunk driver.

Cooper proposes to Charlotte. This isn’t a heat of the moment decision. He had the ring for awhile.

Inside, Naomi apologizes to Addison for how she’s behaved. Then everyone sees that Dell has passed out and is unresponsive.

Dell is rushed to the OR where they determine he has a bleed in his head.

The pressure is relieved but Dell is far from out of the woods. Another bleed erupts and it’s expanding. Dell asks that someone bring Betsey to his bedside.

He consoles her in perfect fashion. Amelia finishes the procedure on Maya and heads off to help Dell. Addison works feverishly to save the baby.

Amelia has a rough time trying to contain the bleeding in Dell’s brain. When all is said and done, Maya and the baby are saved but the damage to Dell is just too severe.

Addison tells the others that Maya and the baby will be fine, but the somber look on Amelia’s face tells it all. They know their dear friend Dell is gone.

As Violet consoles Betsey, Addison tells Pete that she’s ready. Not for Lucas, but for him. Violet loves Pete and he loves her.

As for Addison, she loves someone, too. She asks Sam if she makes him happy. Of course, the answer is yes. Sam makes her happy, too.

They kiss passionately.

Private Practice
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