Megan Talks to Will About the Kiss
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The episode opens with Megan getting dressed up for her next chance encounter with Will.  When she runs into him in the kitchen, they talk and decided to date.. but not exclusively (by Will's choice of course).  Charlie is laying in bed with Mandy when Megan calls them.  She asks Mandy to set her up with a guy to level the playing field between her and Will.  Megan and Will go out that night and have a really cute dinner together.

Megan talks to Marco about her multiple guy dating strategy to alleviate pressure when Will pops in and gives her a kiss and asks her out on a second date on Thursday... the same night she had a date with Antoine.  Lily is back with her ex, Sammy, and they run into Megan on her way to the crabshack.  When she gets there she tells Charlie and Mandy she wants to move the date or even just break it off.  Mandy, meanwhile, has some problems of her own and might get evicted.

Megan then calls Lily to catch up with her and Lily says she's with Sammy because they're cut from the same sheet.  Megan then sits down with Will and tells him she likes him too much to date him and doesn't want to ask him to date her exclusively... they're not cut from the same sheet.  Later that night Will sneaks into her room and asks her to be his girlfriend... he doesn't wan to date other people. Mandy then shows up at Charlie's and tells him she's been evicted and he invites her ot move in.   Will shows up at Megan's to tell her he got the job... and the shoot is in Brazil and he may be gone for up to six months.

Laurel comes to talk to Megan about the man she had an affair with, Miles, a lawyer she used to work for.  Laurel tells her to resume the biography and start with researching Miles.  Megan returns to Laurel with all kinda of info about Miles, including that his wife passed away and he's living in Santa Monica.  At the end of the episode, Laurel is on her way out to visit him and tells Megan to keep working on the biography.

Rose and Sage
Rose and Sage are in school and they get back their papers.  Sage got a B+ and Rose got a D.  At home, Megan is quizzing hte girls for their History final and when she asks if they got a grade back on their papers, Rose lies and says they didn't get it back yet.  Rose sneaks out behind Sage's back and buys a copy of the History exam with answers and upon her return Sage catches her.  In an effort to keep Rose from getting caght, Sage makes a custom handbag with the answers cleverly hidden in the design.

Megan gets a call from the teacher who tells her about the D.  Megan comes to Rose to tell her how disappointed she is in her.  When Rose tells Sage she doesn't want to fail because she doesn't want Megan to get fired and leave, Sage is angered she went through the trouble of making a handbag just to help Megan.  After the girls leave for school, Megan finds the handbag receipt and the copy of the history exam answers.  She rushes to school to stop Rose from cheating but gets there too late, the girls are already in mid-final.

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Privileged Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Will: You don't have to worry, this isn't a rebound thing. I've been out with a few women since lily and I broke things off. So by definition...
Megan: You rebounded.. and scored. Look at me using the sports metaphors!

Well, well, well. Someone fell out of bed and into a makeover. what's going on, red?


Privileged Season 1 Episode 10 Music

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Song Swimming Pool The Submarines iTunes
Song What's in the Middle The Bird and The Bee
Milk and honey Milk and Honey Prince Fatty iTunes