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-The designers are split into pairs and must go head to head when creating two looks inspired by birds. The winner will receive a photo shoot for Marie Claire magazine and an additional $20,000 in cash.

-Hours before the end of the challenge they are told that they can only choose one of their two looks to head down the runway.

-Bert and Josh's bird is the parrot. Bert's dress looks like a generic super hero. Josh manages to edit appropriately.  Josh wins.

-Anya and Laura's bird is the raven. Anya goes with a a beautiful, dramatic, and very structural look. Laura's look is more literal with skinny legs and feathers.  Anya wins.

-Viktor and Kimberly's bird is the cockatoo. Viktor has a flowing gown with feathers. Kimberly's gown has a similar silhouette but has more of an edgy cut and no feathers.  Kimberly wins.

-The guest judge is Francisco Costa from Calvin Klein.

-Anya wins the overall challenge and the $20,000 while Bert is sent home.

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