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Mother and Father arrive on a new planet and set up shop. 

Their aim is to raise 12 fetuses to restart a civilization. 

But one of the kids is dead, and they bring him back to life. 

He's called Campion.  

The other kids all die, with one falling to her death. 

The others are not so lucky, and all come down with a mysterious illness. 

An ark appears in the sky called Heaven, but they arrive. 

Father tries to contact it to send them their location, but Mother is breaking down. 

A big fight ensues, and she kills Father. 

Mother fights with the men and heads up to their ship and kills everyone and brings down a group of kids. 


Raised by Wolves
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Raised by Wolves Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Belief in the unreal can comfort the human mind, but it also weakens it.


Initiating Trimester One.