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-Colin, still alive in the dungeon and being tortured, is released by the mysterious masked figure Clarissa, who haunts the castle.

-It is believed that Colin was confused with another young man being held in the dungeon; a red "x" marking who was next to be murdered was accidentally painted on the other young man's cell door, instead of Colin's, and he was executed in Colin's place.

-The British arrive at French court, and Mary is suspicious of their motives--especially British court member Simon, who reveals to Mary that the British were behind the poisoning at her old convent.

-Mary attempts to find out who is trying to murder her, after a young woman is poisoned while trying on Mary's dress.

-Mary seeks the help of Clarissa, who seems to confirm that Queen Catherine has played a role in the attempts on Mary's life.

-Bash goes into the forbidden woods to find Colin, and finds his murdered body--sacrificed by the heretics who live in the woods, it seems.

-Francis follows him, and soon they are threatened by the men who live in the woods--but Bash wards them off with an ancient prayer that startles Francis.

-Mary discovers that the girl "poisoned" by her dress is still alive, and that the British sought to scare her.

-Mary tells Francis that his mother is behind the attempts on her life, and Francis comes to believe it--and confronts Catherine about it.

-It is revealed that Catherine was actually behind Colin's murder in the woods, which was made to look like it was committed by the heretics.

-Catherine begins to get into her bed at night, only to find that a red "x," marking her for death, has been painted across her sheets.

-Nostradamus believes that Clarissa changed the red "x" from Colin's cell to the other man's cell.

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Reign Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Treat them as friends until they prove themselves foes.

King Henry

She was more afraid of meeting her future husband than of pirates! But I guess that's to be expected at age seven.

Queen Catherine