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This week on Ringer...

-Bridget must hide the body of the man she shot and killed. She ends up hiding him in a steamer trunk as a party is thrown at the loft.

-Not knowing what to do with the body, Bridget plans to run to Malcolm. She finds that Siobhan had a secret emergency bank account and she withdrawals the cash and closes the account.

-In flashbacks we see that years ago a fed up Siobhan frequently helped a drunk Bridget.

-Gemma continues to search for the woman her husband is having an affair with.

-Agent Machado crashes the party at the loft to question Siobhan about Bridget but she tells him nothing.

-Bridget grows closer to Andrew. As she's about to run off to Malcolm, Juliette asks her to stay. She isn't sure what she took at a party and she's scared.  Bridget stays and leaves Malcolm a voicemail.

-The man Bridget was suppose to testify against is following Malcolm.

-In Paris, Siobhan tries to cash out her emergency fund only to find the money gone. She makes a phone call to someone and tells them, "She's ruining everything."

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Ringer Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Please, do as your told. For once.


Bridget: You just need a good night's sleep.
Gemma: Yeah, that and some happy pills.