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With a heat wave engulfing the city, the officers were faced with the following problems this week...

- Investigating a disturbance, Peck and Epstein ended up inside the home of a woman whose water broke a month early. She hadn't left the house in 18 months, so these two were forced to deliver the baby. Epstein came though big time and led the way, even convincing the lady to go to the hospital after the boy safely arrived.

- Diaz was having problems with how rude and selfish people were. He booked a total of 62 individuals and then complained to Peck about not wanting to become like so many others in the city. But his hope was restored near the end of the episode when he kinda rude neighbor set up a candle light dinner for Diaz and hosted a fun party for the neighborhood.

- Andy pursued a lead that involved a missing 13-year old girl and ended up in a building with Shaw. They separated as they took a look around, only for Shaw to actually get shot by the guy that abducted the girl. Andy saw this happen and followed the guy down into a basement. She saw the girl tied up and then found the guy, holding Shaw's gun. She follow protocol and told him to drop it, but he raised it and she had no choice but to make her first kill.

As you might expect, this shook Andy up. But Luke was assigned the case - bones of past kidnapped girls were found in the building - and wasn't very sensitive toward Andy's reaction. Therefore, she made her way to Swarek's that night and jumped his bones. However, the power came on and this shocked her back to her sense. She put her shirt back on and disappointed Swarek by putting an end to their hook-up.

Rookie Blue
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Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

I don't mean to sound like your mother, but I think you need stitches.


Your loss. Last night included me, with ice cream, naked.

Andy [to Luke]