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Rosewood and Detective Villa work together to prove the innocence of a young man that has ambitious dreams. The young man whose life is at steak, has an interesting connection to Donna that could help him get his act together.

Rosewood finally reveals information regarding his health to Pippy and Donna. Donna is unsure how to handle the news, but Rosewood tells her that everything will be ok. He contemplates if he should continue pushing people away or if he should 

Villa allows her personal issues to clout her judgment at work. Captain. Hornstock notices Villa's poor job performance and forces her to get her act together, fast. She continues to see her therapist and Rosewood's love interest, Kat. The session reveals some shocking information about Kat that could eventually put her relationship with Rosewood in jeopardy. 

After her required therapy session, Villa finally comes to terms with her own personal problems. She finally decides to open up to someone, something she has never thought of doing.

 Detective Villa continues to questions if she and Rosewood could become unofficial working partners. After finally getting along and working together to solve a case, both Rosewood and Villa realize they should put their pride to the side and give each other a chance to work coherently.


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Rosewood Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Rosewood, stay away from my body!

Det. Villa

Everyone has a story.