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Rosewood and Villa work together to solve the murder of an ex-con, Lavetta Serrano. Serrano spent most of her life in prison. After she was finally released, she spent most of her time trying to shape the lives of troubled teenagers in her neighborhood. With Serrano turning her life around, Villa and Rosewood are confused as to why and how someone would murder a working mentor to the trouble youth.

Donna continues to but into Rosewood's personal life. She randomly pops up at Rosewood's house and officially meets his girlfriend, Kat. Rosewood immediately wants to give his mother a hobby so he offers her a job at his personal medical lab.

Villa has an unusual sexual dream about Rosewood that causes her to question how she truly feels about the pathologist. During her therapy session, Villa finally opens up to Kat about how she feels about her husband's death. She also comes clean about the possibility of having feelings towards a guy she's recently been working closely with. Kat eventually figures out its Rosewood and breaks up with him.

Rosewood attempts to win Kat back by popping up at her office. They make up and decided to continue their relationship. they only problem is, Villa walks in on them and assumes they've discuss her deepest darkest secrets together. Villa no longer wants to see Kat for her therapy sessions nor does she want to continue working with Rosewood.

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I made you worry and I'm sorry for that.


Why are you everywhere?