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The Rosewood men have to face each other in court during a murder trial. The two men are expert witnesses for both the prosecution and defense.  With the recent news about the divorce, both men allow their personal and professional lives to mix which ultimately makes things a bit messy and filled with drama. Rosewood and his father disagree about how the work in their profession should be done regarding the murder trial. 

Both Pippy and Donna are subpoenaed to appear in court to testify against their relatives, causing a drift between the already complicated family. The prosecution and defense try their best to discredit the Rosewood's work to win their case, but there's an interesting twist in the end.

Rosewood opens up to Villa about the drama he's having with his parents divorce and she offers him some much needed device. Villa eventually confirms to Rosewood that they are indeed working partners and she needs him to patch up his relation ship with his father so that they can get back to fighting crime.

Donna and Rosewood Sr., finally open up to Pippy and Rosewood about the origin of Rosewood's health issues. Rosewood has a chip on his shoulder because he thought his health caused his parents to split up. 

Both Rosewood men finally have a heartfelt conversation to hash out any negative thoughts and feelings. They come to an understanding and love for one another. 

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Rosewoods don't get nervous


A case without Rosie, it's like praying for a purple unicorn and getting it.