Salvation Season 1

Toppling the Government - Salvation
"The Plot Against America"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 13, Darius makes plans for the ark, while he, Harris, and Grace work to topple the illegitimate government on the season finale.

Joining Forces - Salvation
"The Wormwood Prophecy"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 12, in order to find proof that the president was murdered, Darius, Grace and Harris must join forces and work together.

An Unexpected Proposal - Salvation
"All In"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 11, Liam offers Jillian with an unusual proposal, while Harris and Grace form an alliance when their kid's lives are in jeopardy.

Searching For Answers - Salvation
"Coup de Grace"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 10, Harris works to uncover deadly secrets, while Grace and Darius decide to seek answers directly from the President.

Escaping an Assassin - Salvation Season 1 Episode 9
"Patriot Games"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 9, Darius and Liam begin to procure some unlikely alliances, while Grace attempts to escape a deadly assassin.

Framed For Murder - Salvation
"From Russia, With Love"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 7, Liam tries to convince Jillian to come back to Tanz, while Darius and Grace are framed for murder and must escape from Russia.

Heading To Russia - Salvation
"Seeing Red"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 7, in order to try and stop a potential nuclear conflict, Grace and Darius slip off to Russia behind Harris' back.

A Dangerous Mission - Salvation
"Chip Off the Ol' Block"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 6, Jillian confronts Liam about his secret, while Darius recruits Harris, Grace, and Liam to head out on a dangerous mission.

Reconciling the Past - Salvation
"Keeping the Faith"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 5, while Liam discovers who's been selling secrets to the Russians, Darius must find a way to reconcile with his past.

Closely Guarded Secrets - Salvation
"The Human Strain"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 4, Darius must reveal one of his most closely guarded secrets to Harris and Grace in order to prove he is not a traitor.

Speeding Up the Plan - Salvation
"Truth or Darius"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 3, Grace makes a decision that could be life or death while Darius accelerates his plan to stop the asteroid before he's shut down.

Risking Everything - Salvation
"Another Trip Around The Sun"

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 2, Grace risks everything to help Darius as he and Liam try to invent a theoretically impossible way to divert the asteroid.

Bad News - Salvation

On Salvation Season 1 Episode 1, an MIT grad student and a tech superstar tell the Pentagon that an asteroid is just six months away from colliding with Earth.

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