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Here's a quick summary of the latest episode:

Samantha is suspicious about Regina's actions, which lead her to believe she's having an affair. Uh-oh! However, she's not alone. Todd is cheating on Chloe, who has n idea, with Samantha.

In other news, Dena and Regina are thinking about opening up their own coffee shop.

Samantha Who?
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Samantha Who? Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Samantha: Andrea, you know something and I want to hear it.
Andrea: There was an incident a few years ago. You and I were coming out of a club.
Samantha: And?
Andrea: Sorry, usually by now, you're like "Oh my God" and then you remember everything.
Samantha: Just tell me the story!

Howard: Samantha, what the hell is going on in here?
Samantha: If I told you, I don't think you'd be very happy.
Howard: Well, I don't expect things to make me happy. I'm from a different generation.