In this edition of Samantha Who?, the title character finds out about an endangered butterfly habitat. She needs to prevent her boss and the firm's construction project that would destroy them.

She chooses to use Dena, who is clueless about Sam's plan, to go out with her boss and convince him to stop the construction project. After Todd and Sam's make out session, Sam feels ignored by him.

Samantha Who?
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Samantha Who? Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Samantha: Since when is she [Dena] your best friend?
Andrea: Who got up in the middle of the night to pick her up when her stupid car ran out of gas last month?
Samantha: Me.
Andrea: Oh, so now all of a sudden you have a memory. That's very convenient.

It really is the hardest part, that despite our very best efforts, some things just aren't meant to be while things that are meant to be, they seem to find a way.