Samantha Who? Season 2

"The Debt"

In "The Debt," Samantha runs into financial trouble. Here's an overview.

"The Amazing Racist"

Great name for this installment of Samantha Who?. It's titled "The Amazing Racist."

"The Dog"

This episode of Samantha Who? is titled "The Dog." Here's a quick overview of the half hour.

"My Best Friend's Boyfriend"

After a long time off the air, Samantha Who? is back with a new episode. Here's a brief summary of "My Best Friend's Boyfriend."

"The Family Vacation"

"The Family Vacation" is the ninth episode of Samantha Who?'s second season. Here's a recap.

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Samantha Who? Season 2 Quotes

Samantha: She's suppose to be my friend, how can she do this?
Dena: You did say you didn't want Brad.
Samantha: No I didn't, I said I didn't want to want him. That doesn't mean that I don't want him. Which I don't
Dena: I can't believe she got confused.

Everyone always talks about what the Donner Party ate all winter; nobody ever talks about what they drank.