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Saving Hope doctors react as their Chief of Surgery, Charlie Harris, falls into a coma following a car crash on the way to his wedding to co-worker Alex Reid. His spirit watches over the hospital's happenings as his fiance' and Shahir Hamza (Huse Madhavji) attempt to save his life. Joel Goran, Alex's ex-boyfriend, also works at the hospital and takes over Charlie's patients. In the wake of Charlie's coma, Alex focuses on her patients to keep herself together.

Residents Maggie Lin and Gavin Murphy work together on a case involving accidental poisoning.


Saving Hope
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Saving Hope Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Joel: It's gonna be weird, isn't it? I mean you and me. You didn't invite me to the wedding so presumably you're still in love with me.
Alex: Right. I totally forgot. I like to remember the poems you wrote me, the breakfast in bed, the nurses you were banging.
Joel: Okay, we can stop right there.

This is how it happens. You leave it all behind. Everything you love. Everything you know. You belong to the hospital now. And all you can do is hope.