Carrie and Mr. Big start dating on a regular basis, but she learns he's still dating other women.  Samantha begins looking for a condo to purchase.

Sex and the City
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Sex and the City Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

(Talking about oral sex)
Charlotte: The truth is, I hate doing it.
Samantha: Honey, you can't be serious!
Miranda: Are you telling us you never perform this act?
Carrie: She'll juggle, she'll spin plates, but she won't give head.
Charlotte: I don't like putting it in my mouth! I have a very sensitive gag reflex and it makes me want to puke!
Miranda: That's one way to say no.
Charlotte: It's not like I haven't tried. I practiced on a banana, I pretended it was a Popsicle, but...I just don't like it.
Miranda: Personally, I'm loving it, up to the point where the guy wants me to swallow.
Carrie: Well that's just, that's really a judgment call.
Samantha: Some men take it so personally if you don't.
Miranda: Some guys don't give you a choice!
Carrie: Well that's just bad behavior.
Charlotte: Are you honestly telling me you like it?
Carrie: Well, it's not my favorite thing on the menu, but you know, I'll order it from time to time, and, with the right guy, it can be nice.
Miranda: Oral sex is like God's gift to women. You can get off without worrying about getting pregnant.
Samantha: Plus the sense of power is such a turn-on, maybe you're on your knees, but you got him by the balls.
Charlotte: You see, that is the reason that I don't want to go down this road.
Carrie: Well sweetheart, if you're gonna get all choked up about it (Carrie and Miranda exchange looks about the pun), just don't do it, don't do it!
Miranda: But if you don't go down on him, how can you expect him to go down on you?
Charlotte: I don't.
Miranda: Oh well, forget it! I only give head to get head!
Samantha: Me too.

Carrie: He said, 'I miss you, baby.' Do you think that was meant to be some kind of coded mea culpa?
Miranda: You mean like what he really meant was, 'I've been a complete idiot, please forgive me for having dinner with that other woman.'
Carrie: Exactly.
Miranda: Could be.
Carrie: Well no, because that would mean that everything he ever said that I interpreted as sincere is subject to interpretation, and in that case, what I perceive as his feelings for me may only really be reflected projections of my feelings for him.
Miranda: What?
Carrie: Oh God, I'm freaking. I've gotta stop.