Sex and the City Season 2

"Ex and the City"

Carrie freaks out when she finds out Big is engaged; Miranda sleeps with Steve for the first time after their breakup.

"Twenty-Something Girls vs. Thirty-Something Women"

Carrie runs into Big with his new girlfriend at a Hamptons party; Miranda tries to have mature fun in the Hamptons.

"Was It Good For You?"

Carrie dates a recovering alcoholic who becomes obsessed with her; Charlotte is determined to get better at sex.


Carrie dates an author with a premature ejaculation problem; Miranda dates a divorce father; Carlotte's brother Wesley comes.

"The Fuck Buddy"

Carrie tries to turn her fuck buddy into a relationship; Miranda dates a nasty lawyer; Charlotte double-books dates.

"Games People Play"

Carrie goes to therapy about obsessing over Big; Miranda accidentally flashes her neighbor; Charlotte joins a bridge club.

"La Douleur Exquise!"

Big tells Carrie he's moving to Paris for six months; Charlotte meets Buster, a shoe salesman with a foot fetish.


Carrie tries to mark her territory at Big's place; Miranda finds one of her ovaries stopped producing eggs.

"The Caste System"

Carrie gets fed up with high society at a party in the Upper East Side; Miranda and Steve argue over money and status.

"Old Dogs, New Dicks"

Carrie tries to get Big to stop checking out other women; Miranda and Steve's schedules conflict; Charolette dates an uncircumcised man.

"The Man, The Myth, The Viagra"

Carrie tries to get Big to meet the girls; Miranda meets Steve; Samantha dates a wealthy man in his 70s.

"The Chicken Dance"

Carrie gets frustrated with Big not paying attention; Miranda sets her interior decorate up with a friend and they get married.

"The Cheating Curve"

Carrie starts officially dating Big again; Miranda dates a guy who likes to watch porn during sex.

"Four Women and a Funeral"

Carrie starts dating Mr. Big again; Miranda buys an apartment on the Upper West Side; Charlotte meets a widower at a cemetery.

"They Shoot Single People, Don't They?"

Carrie gets a terrible picture of herself on the cover of New York Magazine; Miranda fakes her orgasms.

"The Freak Show"

Carrie turns into a freak herself after dating several freaky men; Miranda dates "Manhattan Guy."

"The Awful Truth"

Carrie accidentally tells her friend Susan to leave her husband; Miranda builds up the courage to talk dirty in bed.

"Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

Carrie meets "the new Yankee," Joe, at a baseball game and is convinced it's because of her new heels.

Sex and the City
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Sex and the City Season 2 Quotes

Me, James and his tiny penis, we're one big happy family.


Samantha: Why are we sitting all the way up here?
Carrie: It's the only place I can smoke without Giuliani putting me away for ten years.