Toranaga Crafts a Plan - Shogun
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We open with a flashback to Lord Toranaga's first battle, 46 years prior to the main action of the story.

He won, of course, and after accepting his opponent's surrender, he assisted him with his ritualistic.

Flash-forward to the present day, and the roles are reversed, as Toranaga is forced to humble himself and seek the support of his half-brother, Saeki.

It's the first time that Saeki has appeared on camera, but we already know that he and Toranaga are not on the greatest of terms.

Sure enough, Saeki betrays Toranaga by siding with Ishido and demanding that his brother present himself in Osaka for judgment.

The episode brings several characters to the brink of despair, including Fuji and Mariko, both of whom request permission to take their own lives. In both cases, that permission is denied.

Blackthorne and Gin both continue to think of the future and plot schemes that might help ensure a brighter tomorrow.

Buntaro asks Toranaga's permission to execute Blackthorne but is denied.

And in a move that shocks his vassals, Toranaga agrees to be taken to Osaka in order to surrender himself to the Council of Regents.

Nagakado seeks to fix the situation and earn his father's favor by assassinating Saeki in a brothel.

But in the attempt, he slips, falls, and fatally bashes his head on a rock.

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