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We open with onscreen text bringing us up to date on a political power struggle in Japan, circa 1600.

From there we cut to a ship in very dire straits.

Pilot John Blackthorne and his crew crash on one of the islands of Japan.

The ship is examined, and its inhabitants are brought ashore.

From there, we head to Osaka where Lord Toranaga is brought before a very displeased Regents Council.

Lord Ishido accuses Toranaga of bringing the Heir's mother to his home in order to ensure his own safety, and a samurai battle nearly breaks out when Toranaga's men become infuriated by the accusation that he's a traitor.

Toranaga dispatches Hiromatsu to inspect the foreign ship that has run aground on his territory -- an incident which the scheming Yabushige is already attempting to use to his advantage.

At the time, Blackthorne and his men are being held in an underground pit. The pilot is permitted to emerge to plead for their release, and one of them is brought up and brutally tortured to death.

That scene is contrasted with a poignant one illustrating the bond between Toranaga and the Heir, the son of the late Taiko.

Spanish pilot Rodrigues saunters onto the scene and cracks wise before ferrying Blackthorne off to Osaka to meet with Toranaga.

Rodrigues is swept from the deck and dashed on the rocks, and Blackthorne is able to manipulate the situation so that Yabushige feels that he has no choice but to go rescue the battered pilot.

Yabushige nearly takes his own life during the rescue attempt but winds up making it back to shore and earning Blackthorne's respect in the process.

A battered Rodriques explains key aspects of life in Japan to a recalcitrant Blackthorne.

A sweeping shot of feudal Osaka concludes with Blackthorne bowing before Toranaga

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Shogun Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'd say our chances are fare. This is not where we die.


Insults? How dare you imply that Lord Ishido insulted me.