Nate's career is on the line when he accidendally eats drug-laced gummy bears. Watch Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 4 Online here at TV Fanatic.

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When Jimmy tells Lydia that he chose not to go to Burning Man this year because he didn’t think it was her scene, she gets body paints and drug laced gummy bears to show that she can have fun. Jimmy says the effects of the drug induced candies last for six to eight hours and they want to be sober the next day to help Nate so they leave the gummy bears on the counter. The next morning, Nate comes in and eats the gummy bears. At first he’s very cool and doesn't realize he's high. He even has the courage to kiss Sam. When he finally realizes he’s high, he panics. Harrison finds out and yells at Lydia for being so reckless. She shoots back that if he hadn’t gotten her pregnant so young, maybe she could have gotten that reckless behavior out of her system. Nate passes out while the food blogger is at the restaurant. Lydia and Sam distract the blogger and serve her the food while Harrison and Jimmy walk an unconscious Nate through the restaurant by having his legs tied to theirs with shoelaces, also using brooms and sunglasses in a homage to the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”
Watch Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 4 Online here at TV Fanatic.

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On Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 4, in a homage to "Weekend at Bernie's" everyone scrambles when Nate eats pot-laced gummy bears before a big interview.

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Significant Mother
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It's like this week long drug binge and dust orgy with sculptures and body paint.


You know what else is a blip on the radar? A ship right before some laid back captain sinks it.