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John Corben undergoes a horrific transformation and becomes Metallo during this key episode.

He awakens from an accident with superhuman strength and a heart made of kryptonite. As a result, the character is focused on making sure his new power is used to further his vendetta against the Blur.

However, the storyline becomes even complicated when Lois' investigation leads her into Corben's hands.

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Smallville Season 9 Episode 2 Quotes

Clark: I told you: there is no Clark Kent.
Chloe: No disrespect to your Kryptonian calling, but coming back to feed the dog is about as human as it gets.

Lois: Are you still at the office?
Corben: No, no. Sitting behind a desk just isn't the same without those pretty brown eyes of yours - I don't know - glaring at me.