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- Bombshell runs into difficulties with Tom directing. He and Karen don't get along as they rework scenes since they can't use Derek's choreography. Jerry's holding out hope that he can get Derek back and never took him the contract. Julia takes the contract to Derek and he pressures her to stick to her vision for the show. Julia finds the contract that Eileen signed to get the rights to use Marilyn's diaries. This was what they needed to get Jerry out. He ends up relenting and gives the show back to Eileen.


Liaisons is a disaster. Terry and Ivy decide to have fun with it. Terry ends up being kicked off the show and replaced by his understudy for the week. Then then show will close and Ivy will be free too.


- The Hit List is previewed for the non-profit theater. Scott likes the production, but without a main theme wants to stage it on the small 80-person underground theater. Derek dismisses this idea. He didn't leave Broadway for such a small production. Scott gives them the opportunity to present something to the board in order to change their minds. Jimmy resists the call to make any changes. Karen provides the inspiration for a change in theme.


- After attending the hilarious Liaisons production, Karen tells Tom that Ivy is his Marilyn and quits Bombshell. She then asks to return to The Hit List. Jimmy, Kyle and Derek are ecstatic. They come up with a new song, perform it for the theater and get onto the main stage. Ivy returns to Bombshell with Tom directing. And, Julia pushes Tom to include the Marilyn's mother storyline that she loves and he agrees.

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Smash Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Tom: Let me be you.
Karen: Great.

If we're going to go down, let's go down in a blaze of glory.