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It's time for a read-through of Julia's re-written Bombshell book. Unlike normal, she is relaxed and confident about it until she gets doubts about Peter. She fears that he led her astray and wrote his own version of the musical. It turns out there was another script that Jerry was considering, but it wasn't from Peter. The read-through is brilliant and everyone loved it, but Jerry decides to use a different book. He believes the new version is great, but it won't sell as well as the other version. Julia says she has to give approval for him to use someone else's work. Jerry announces that he wants to use her original workshop draft book. Derek and Julia disagree with Jerry's decision, while Tom sides with him. As a tie breaker, they take the decision to Eileen. She picks.... We'll have to wait until next week to find out.


Since Karen doesn't have anything to do, she decides that The Hit List should also have its first read-through in preparation of being performed at Winter Fest. She gets friends to come read and Jimmy sings the songs. The book is horrible and Kyle is devastated. Jimmy believes it's all over for them until the idea of an all-song show is suggested. At first Kyle is hurt, but Karen wins him over by reminding him that the story is all his. They get to work.


Karen shows up at Jimmy's house and he's with another girl. Later, Karen's friend tells Jimmy that he should keep his relationship with Karen professional. After the disastrous read-through, Jimmy and Karen almost kiss again, but decide to be just friends. Karen's disappointed by that. It turns out that Kyle told Jimmy that Karen is dating Derek. No wonder it's been awkward between the two.


Ivy's new show runs into trouble when the star lead wants to turn the very serious and emotional play into a comedy. Through her performance, he decides that dramatic is the way to go. She tells him that acting is all about fear and connecting. In response, he decides to go off all his various mood regulating medications. Uh oh.




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Smash Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

You cut me off and said "we."


We can't afford for you to stumble again and neither can your career.

Derek [to Julia]