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We're told before the show starts that there will be nudity in tonight's episode. Let's hope it's one of Luann's girls and not another SAMCRO butt shot.
Fresh out of prison and nursing a bullet wound and Bobby still pulls off the best Elvis impression this side of Vegas. While Jax and Tara are all smiles on an early morning ride, Clay wakes up to an empty bed as Gemma pummels a floral arrangement in the kitchen. Those flowers aren't the only thing getting pummeled: Chibs and Juice enjoy their first day as 50/50 partners with Luann by taking in a scene at the new studio.

(Did that naughty secretary call her boss Mr. Draper? Bonus points for the best "Mad Men" porn parody title). A few weeks after the shoot-out with the Mayans and the botched gun deal with the One-Niners, all seems to be right in Charming (well, except for Gemma, who appears to be nearing her breaking point).
We learn that Gemma hasn't slept in bed with Clay for the past three weeks. After an argument with Clay, she storms out of the house and runs into Chief Unser. He tries to get Gemma to sit in on a support group for victims of sexual assault. Gemma dismisses the idea, calling the group a "holy, poor me, circle jerk" -- which could easily be the plot for Luann and SAMCRO's next joint venture.
Bobby, or "Sad Elvis", as Clay calls him, is wallowing in his just-out-of-the-joint, strapped-for-cash misery. He owes alimony, child support and needs to pay for one of his kids to have oral surgery. Realizing he's of little use at the garage with the busted shoulder, Clay tells Bobby he wants him to go run the porn studio and pull a salary out of Luann's cut. Clay says he needs Bobby to act as a set of eyes at the studio, so that it doesn't turn into "a goddamned bukake fest." Good to see SAMCRO embracing the lingo of their new industry.
Jax shows the lighter side of being a gun-running motorcycle gang member, writing in his journal and cuddling up with Tara on a blanket in Charming's scenic outskirts. His attempts to make things more scenic by removing Tara's shirt are interrupted by a phone call from Chibs: Luann's furious that Bobby's going to be taking a cut from her end of the porn business.
Back in town, everyone's favorite separatist, Ethan Zobelle, shows Deputy Chief Hale surveillance photos of Clay and Unser meeting with Laroy Wayne. Zobelle offers to temporarily flood Charming with drugs to loosen Unser and SAMCRO's hold on the town. After Hale dismisses the idea, we see Darby, flush with funding from Zobelle, taking a break from cooking up drugs in a house in Charming by having a swig of cool, refreshing milk (obviously not chocolate milk).
Ima, the lead girl in Luann's porn stable, is scared that Georgie may try to attack her and demands that Jax protect her. While she hopes to rub Jax in all the right ways, she rubs Tara the wrong way by telling her she should be shining Jax's motorcycle and then telling her she was told to wait outside when she comes barging in to find Jax. Clearly, these two need to have it out over who gets Jax. (I think the two of them need to work out their problems on film, preferably whilst wearing less clothing).
Outside the porn studio (thank you, Sons of Anarchy writers, for making this the central location for this week's episode!), the tension between Gemma and Clay has finally boiled over. Clay, furious that Gemma is trying to intervene in club business on behalf of her friend, Luann, smashes Gemma's car window with a cinder block (I do not want to see the adult scenes that use those as props) and proceeds to beat on the car with his hands.

When he threatens Gemma, she tells her that she'll slit his throat if he touches her, and calls him pathetic. However, when he grabs her from behind, she breaks down - flashing back to the sexual assault that has been terrorizing her thoughts ever since.
On a repo job at the mill, Opie and Half-Sack see one of Darby's guys dealing drugs. They try to warn him off, but are outnumbered by the Aryans. Back at the clubhouse, SAMCRO strategizes over Zobelle and the League of American Nationals. It turns out that the group ran a similar gun-running motorcycle club out of San Bernardino months earlier. Clay sends the crew out to find Darby's meth labs.
Back at the mill, Opie, Chibs, Juice and Tig force the dealer to tell them where Darby is cooking his meth. The club debates how to handle the lab. After deciding that it would not be a good idea to blow up a house in Charming, the crew decides to tell Hale where the lab is located. If Hale does not shut down the operation, they'll know that he's working for the League of American Nationals. While Jax tells Hale, Clay meets with Chief Unser and asks him if Zobelle has reached out to him or Hale. Clay tells Unser to keep an eye on Hale.
Hale, not in Zobelle's pocket, follows up on Jax's info. At the house the Aryans are using for the lab, Hale is met by Darby, who gives Hale a coupon to Zobelle's cigar store's grand opening. Hale says that he'll be back with a warrant, then searches out Zobelle in town. He accuses Zobelle of being in league with Darby.

Zobelle reveals that his wife was killed in a drive-by shooting and that is what has put him on his current path. He says that his aim is "the salvation of Charming" and admits that he may have to do some ugly things to get to reach that goal. Hale, reaching a crisis of conscience on how to clean up the town he'll soon serve as chief of police, calls Jax and tells him his intel on the lab is bogus.
Tara visits Gemma to get her to take an HIV test. Gemma confides that she has not had sex with Clay since the assault. She thinks he hates her. Tara tries to comfort Gemma by telling her that Clay doesn't hate her; Gemma returns the favor by telling Tara that she needs to kick Ima's ass to let her know that Jax isn't a "free dick" (aww, my mom calls me the same thing!). Again, and I cannot stress this enough: Tara and Ima need to settle their differences on film. In some sort of hot tub.
Bobby has had quite the eventful episode pouring over the studio's books. First, he takes a break to tell Jax that he and the rest of the crew are concerned with the growing rift between Jax and Clay. Then, his book-keeping skills leads him to find that Luann has been skimming from the company for years. He tells Luann that he has to let the club know. Luann, terrified of Otto finding out that she's been stealing from him and thus breaking his heart, uses her, um, acting prowess to convince Bobby to keep her theft between the two of them.
Knowing Hale isn't planning on doing anything about the meth lab, the crew decides to blow it up themselves. Under cover of darkness, they storm the house, chasing out the Aryans. Opie sets the charge himself instead of using a remote, and just barely gets out of the house before it explodes. Upon witnessing Opie's increasingly reckless behavior, Jax and Clay exchange a worried glance.
Encouraged by Tig, Clay apologizes to Gemma. The tattooed twosome make up, but when Clay goes to hug her, Gemma pulls back, and when he asks her to hang out later, she begs off, still tortured by the demons of her sexual assault.
The final scenes of the show take place the wrap party for the porn shoot - again, thank you writers - while Gemma sits at home, alone, reading the Bible (I wonder if that's where she got that "free dick" phrase). Jax tries to get Opie to open up about his apparent death wish. He reminds him that he has kids, and tells him not to throw himself too far.

This is advice that Clay could have used, as it's revealed that he, having gone without sex from Gemma for weeks now, has decided to test out some of the studio talent at the wrap party. Tara and Ima have another tift, with Ima not letting Tara into the party (she acts like a high school girl, but she has to be at least 18, right?). Tara, not heeding Gemma's advice, backs down from Ima instead of fighting her, and retreats to the bathroom.

This works out extremely well for Jax, as she takes out her frustration on him, you know, with sex and stuff. Ima walks in on the two in action and as the show ends, we saw Tara throw her a triumphant, wicked look.

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