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Following Gemma's revelation about her attack, Jax sews his patches back into his jacket. He tells Tara that she made the right decision in not telling him, and tells her that he is going after Ethan Zobelle. A weary Clay shows up at Jax's house, apologizing for the late hour of his visit. As the two men comfort Jax's crying son, they apologize to each other. Clay tells him that their retaliation needs to be smart, and that he can't do it without Jax. Jax tells him he's not going anywhere, and vows to kill the entire Zobelle group.
Jax and Clay call a meeting and tell the rest of SAMCRO about what happened to Gemma. The crew understandably wants blood, but Jax and Clay tell them they have to play it cool for the time being until they can find Zobelle's weakness.
Tara tells Gemma that it was brave to finally tell the truth about what happened. She says that it had to be done to snap Jax and Clay out of their schism. Gemma's concern is that Clay will not want her now that she has been violated and will find another woman. This sends Tara into a tizzy - she comes clean to Jax about her suspension at the hospital, tells him she would not be okay with him sleeping with other women, and says she wants babies. Jax tells her she has nothing to worry about; he hasn't been with anyone else and doesn't plan on it. The conversation must have gotten to Gemma, too: she tries to seduce Tig, and he almost gives in but stops himself midway through.
Tig's little liason with Gemma may have been enough to put him over the edge. He approaches Opie at the garage and admits to killing Donna, though he tries to put the blame on Agent Stahl, saying that she made Opie out to be a rat and had Clay and Tig convinced. Opie beats Tig bloody, but stops short of killing him. Instead, he tears off after Stahl. Clay, Bobby, Juice and Piney approach Tig, who says he doesn't know who he is anymore and tells the crew that he told Opie that he was the one who killed Donna. This is news to everyone except Clay and Piney. Jax takes off after Opie, trying to intercept him before he can reach Stahl.
Stahl is busy meeting with Chibs about ratting out Jimmy O. She says that she can get Fiona and his daughter to safety, but cannot guarantee the assault charges against SAMCRO will be dropped, breaking the deal she made with Chibs. Chibs threatens to kill her and says that he won't help, but she tells him that Edmond Hayes ratted out his own father, who will soon rat out Jimmy O, who will put it all on Chibs and go after his family. Backed into a corner by Stahl, Chibs agrees to consider her offer. He leaves the meeting and is spotted by Opie, who has been tracking Stahl. Opie waits to get Stahl alone and confronts her. He puts a gun in her face but instead of killing her, he tells her that the he is "the outlaw at mercy" and tells her to remember that next time she tries to twist the truth. He stalks off, leaving a trembling, crying Stahl in his wake.
Jax has been doing some tracking of his own, following Zobelle to a meeting with the Mayans. Zobelle makes Marcus an offer: he can sell his heroin through Zobelle's prison pipeline for a 50/50 split. Marcus agrees. Jax determines that Zobelle is supplying the Mayans with guns not to start a race war, but to control the heroin trade, selling out his White Hate brethren in the process - he points out that AJ Weston has been kept in the dark about these meetings. Clay sees this is an opportunity to exploit Zobelle's weakness.
Opie tells Clay, Tig, Jax and Bobby that the club killed his wife, but that he will stay to make it right. He says that it won't be good for SAMCRO if word got out about the hit, so the secret dies with them. He then tells them that he saw Chibs meeting with Stahl. Chibs has his own meeting with Gemma, wherein he breaks down and tells her that he does not know what to do. Gemma tells him that the only way out is to tell the crew the truth. He sits down with the group and tells them that he told Stahl that he had planned on giving up Jimmy O to Stahl in return for protection for his wife, daughter and the club. He apologizes, and Clay tells him that he did not make the deal, and he's not a rat. Jax vows that the crew will protect Chibs' family.
The hatred that's been building in Piney finally boils over. He arrives at the meeting, sans crew colors, and tries to shoot Clay. He misses and is restrained by the rest of SAMCRO. Opie clears the room and meets with his father. Opie emerges from the meeting and tells Clay that Piney was trying to protect him, that Piney was going to kill Clay so Opie wouldn't have to. Opie asks Clay to give Piney a break; Clay tells him never to come back into the clubhouse without his colors again.
The episode ends with Clay and Gemma locked in a passionate embrace, her fears of him not wanting her long gone. As the episode ends, it seems that peace has finally returned to the club.

Sons of Anarchy
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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Clay: How do you want to handle it?
Jax: We kill them all.

Love don't mean shit. Men need to own their pussy. His has been violated. He'll find another. It's what they do.