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The second episode of Southland focused mostly on Detective Lydia Adams. Here's an overview of developments, character-by-character...

Detective Adams: Adams is in charge of a case that involves an abandoned baby. It seems to affect her deeply. After Adams tracks down the mother, who seems troubled, but no longer on drugs and sincerely desperate to keep her child, Adams does the best she can to make sure this happens. A social worker wants to take the baby away, but Adams vouches for the mother and ends up keeping her promise to her: the baby is returned.

At the very end of the episode, we learn a major fact about Adams: she knocks on the door of a house, and a woman with a toddler answers. Lydia asks if "he" is home. A man comes outside. Lydia says she's sorry and she was wrong; she should have wanted kids with him. The man, clearly taken aback, just says he has to go inside. Interesting development.

Cooper and Sherman: The relationship between these two cops continues to grow. First, Cooper lectures Sherman about protocol because the latters enters a convenience store without backup and ends up arresting the store owner, instead of the actual criminal. Later, though, at a retirement party for a Dewey, a fellow officer, viewers and Cooper learn a lot about Sherman's background:

His dad, a famous criminal defense attorney, once failed to get a client off. As a result, his brother broke into the family's home... but the father had already left by then. While Sherman is purposely unclear about the details of the break in, he does say it led him to learn how to shoot a gun and, eventually, to the LAPD. Guess he's not just some spoiled rich kid, huh, Cooper?

Moretta and Bryant: These two run into Janilla again, the same 14-year old girl that witnessed a crime last week. She's seen another this week, and she seems interested in becoming a cop one day. Wanting to earn her trust, and her eventual testimony, they show take her to the training of deputies; other teens that aim to become policemen someday. Janilla seems excited by it.

Later on, Janilla's house is shot in a drive-by. The culprit is a gang member from last week's case that doesn't wanna see her ever take the stand. Fortunately, Janilla and her mom are spared, but the LAPD tells Moretta and Bryant they cannot afford to provide the family with protection. As a result, the detectives, on their own dime, put them up in a hotel.

We also see more of Bryan't wife in this episode. She comes out for the retirement party, but doesn't really mesh well with anyone there. She also flips out at the idea of giving away the couple's dog, rejoicing when the man who was gonna take him backs out of the deal. She's a strange one.

Salinger: At the same party, television reporter Mia Sanchez finds Salinger sitting with his teenage daughter, Kimmy. When Kim gets up to leave, Sanchez lays a big kiss on Salinger. Of course, the daugher sees this make-out session, but is okay with it. She gives her dad props for landing such a hottie and says it's cool because her mom - his wife - sucks anyway.

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Southland Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Ben Sherman: You know who my father is, right?
John Cooper: Scum bag defense lawyer Ben Sherman.

My father represented this drug dealer, guy's brother went to jail. Dealer was pissed, thought it was my dad's fault. Had some people go over to visit our house. Only problem was, my dad had already walked out and left us. They were pretty pissed off. I was ten. After that, this kid I was in school with, his dad thought I should learn to defend myself. So, he took me and his son to the gun club every Saturday. Taught us both to shoot.

Ben Sherman