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This week's new episode of Southland was all about the detectives. We mean that literally. There was no Ben Sherman or John Cooper at all during "Sally in the Ally." Here's a quick rundown of what we learned during the hour:

Detective Clarke has a wife... or is at least living with a woman. We saw Russell get out an old typewriter and then be essentially berated by this woman because he has to compete with her (she's also a writer). That as nothing, though, compared to the next accusation: that Clarke only wants to write in order to impress his writing teacher, who he may be sleeping with, but certainly has a crush on. Russell denied this, but the relationship with his wife is clearly not healthy.

Later in the episode, Clarke showed his softer side when he talked to a young boy whose mother was found dead in an alley.

Moretta has a sister... or, as we'll later learn, a daughter. Early on, Nate receives a call from his dad that his 15-year-old sister Mercedes is missing. He eventually tracks her down and she tells him why she was hanging with a bad crowd: because she's angry over his life. She now knows he's actually her dad. Moretta said he didn't have the means to take care of her when she was born, as he just got enlisted, and that her mother fell with a bad group of people. Mercedes says she wants to try to find her mom.

Detective Bryant is seriously whipped... or just in love, we suppose. After his (crazy) wife tries to start her own business with their dog, despite lacking insurance for it (don't ask), Sammy comes home and yells at her. She immediately starts to cry, apologize and jump him on the hood of the car. He can't help but give in. Later, he even guys her an expensive camera, even though he clearly can't afford it.

Detective Adams is awesome... or, well, nope, that's all. First, Lydia is the only person to care about the body of a dead girl in an alley. After her persistence leads to the killer's arrest, Lydia even follows up with an old woman who has been coming to the station for years, asking about her missing daughter. Lydia comforts the lady and says she'll make sure her case is pursued.

We also get a glimpse at Lydia's love life. She starts the episode on an awkward date, barely opening up to the guy. But then she calls him again, meets him again and is much better company. The reason, as she tells him and the viewers? She loves her job and she had a good week at it.


Detectives Bryant and Moretta are called to an alley in this episode. This location is where the body of an unidentified female is being used by gang members for target practice.

Meanwhile, Lydia offends her partner when she tells him he was too personal when interviewing the sister of a victim.

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Southland Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

I took my boys out to lunch the other day, right, and, uh... Petey starts horsing around, juggling meatballs up in the air. My little guy hates to be upstaged by his brother so he takes his peas and starts shoving them up his nose. (laughs) So now it's official. The Moretta boys are banned from Denny's for life.

Det. Nate Moretta

Det. Sammy Bryant: Everything all right?
Det. Nate Moretta: Yeah, man, yeah. It's just my sister. She keeps driving my parents crazy. They never know where she's going or who she's going with.
Det. Sammy Bryant: It's what teenagers do, remember?