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Kirsten, Linus, and Cameron confront Ivy over her lies. She explains that Stinger created the anomaly and she used it after he left. That's not good enough for Kirsten. She doesn't understand why Ivy would stab her in the back. Ivy admits she blames her for Stinger turning his back on her. Kirsten and the others tell Ivy they want nothing to do with her. Kirsten then goes to Maggie and confronts her again. Privately, Fisher suggests that Maggie tell Kirsten and Cameron the whole truth. She wants to keep protecting them.

The latest case begins with a dead volleyball player. She had a bad relationship with one of her teammates, but the teammate has an alibi. The stitch leads the team to the Dark Web and a murder for hire circuit. Maggie recognizes some of the contract killers as former government agents. Another murder victim lands in the lab. This man was a talent agent with seemingly no connection to the volleyball player until they discover one of his clients is the man Kirsten saw murdering the volleyball player in the stitch.

Further investigating leads the team to discover the company is called All In. It's a pay it forward murder service. Each person who wants someone dead has to kill someone else so there's seemingly no connection. Linus accidentally signs Camille up to be a hitman with himself as the victim. They want to find the person in charge. When Camille refuses the job, someone else is targeted. A woman named Kate turns herself into Fisher. She's the woman behind All In.

It turns out Kate and Maggie were in the CIA together. Kate blames Maggie for her near death. She escapes and Maggie and Fisher take her down. Maggie promises Kirsten that she can see her mother, but it'll take a few days to make sure it's safe. Camille sings a song for Amanda as an apology and they make up. Linus creates the oxytocin blocker and Kirsten and Cameron are finally able to have sex. Fisher decides to stay in LA.

Stinger arrives at Ivy's place. She tells him the team turned their backs on her and the NSA is planning to kill Jacqueline. He isn't sure whether or not to trust her. Ivy says she used Linus' access to hack Maggie's emails. He tells her that she's the daughter he always wanted.

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Kirsten: We can't be together, Cameron. This isn't a life. What kind of life is this?
Cameron: Kirsten, look at me. As long as we're together, you are my life. If you don't want to stitch, then I don't want you to stitch. If you want to leave, then I'm leaving with you, okay?

Ivy: You broke into my place?
Cameron: Well, you broke into Kirsten's mind so...