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Kirsten and Camille make up after their fight, but both women are still having difficulty with their romantic relationships. Kirsten is not ready to forgive Cameron for betraying her. And Maggie refuses to tell her where she moved Kirsten's mother. She insists to Cameron that it's her job to protect them.

The case of the week involves the murder of a man named Jake Rowland. He worked for an organization working toward putting men on Mars. He was a gremlin. He came in at night and created problems for the system so the analysts could get the bugs out. In his spare time, he also played video games competitively. 

While Linus and Camille go to Jake's office to try and find clues, Cameron and Kirsten investigate the underground gaming club. They meet Rick, the owner, and Zelda, a player who Kirsten recognizes from the stitch. Cameron gets caught up in the game. When he wins, another player punches him. Kirsten discovers Rick is making a fortune from people gambling over the games.

Ivy changes her mind about breaking up with Linus. But Maggie's had her followed and knows about her father's visits. Maggie and Fisher bring Ivy in for questioning. She says she wants a lawyer, but Maggie has other ideas. Camille asks Amanda to help with the case. She's able to put together one of the clues, but she's not interested in fixing their relationship.

The team pieces together that Jake created the video game. They also realize he embedded a message in it. They return to the club and tell Cameron he has to win the game to find it. With Zelda's help, they discover Jake's message. It implicates Rick's crimes, including James' murder. Fisher arrests him.

Even though she's jealous of Zelda, Kirsten is not ready to forgive Cameron. He wants to fix things, but he doesn't know how. Neither does she. Ivy comes to visit Kirsten when she needs a friend, but she doesn't tell her sister what's happening with Maggie or their father.

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Stitchers Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I get to decide how my story ends. No one else.


Kirsten: Cameron screwed me.
Camille: It's about time.
Kirsten: No. I mean he betrayed me. With Maggie.
Camille: Now that's impressive. She's completely out of his league.