On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 11, Kirsten and the team have to race against the clock to save a woman who has been kidnapped, but Kirsten is being haunted by the killer.

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When you watch Stitchers Season 1 Episode 11 online you'll quickly learn things aren't always as they seem. The day before Halloween, Kirsten and the team are given a case involving a man, Devon, who committed suicide, but who admitted in his suicide letter he kidnapped a woman named Kelly. Kirsten is stitched into Devon's memories and is bounced around various times, but eventually lands on the memory of Devon kidnapping Kelly, but Kirsten is shocked when Devon looks directly at her and threatens her in the stitch causing her to bounce out. Kirsten lets them team know what happened, but Cameron and Linus assure her it was nothing strange and was probably just memories melding together and made it seem like Devon was talking to her. Later while at her home, Kirsten is haunted by Devon's "ghost" and seeks comfort at Cameron's apartment. Cameron is able to calm her down and she ends up staying at his place to get some sleep, but her nightmare of dying in a stitch quickly wakes her up and she makes Cameron stay in bed with her so she can feel safe. The next day, on Halloween, Kirsten is stitched into Devon's memory one last time and she is able to see where he has taken Kelly which leads the team to Devon's basement. Unfortunately the team isn't able to celebrate for too long, as it's quickly revealed Devon has an evil twin named Gavin who is the one responsible for kidnapping Kelly. Gavin takes Camille and Kirsten hostage, but Kirsten is able to distract Gavin long enough to take him down and have him arrested by Fisher. Did you miss out on this special episode? You're in luck! You can watch Stitchers online via TV Fanatic anytime.

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On Stitchers Season 1 Episode 11, the team races against time when a man suspected of kidnapping a girl commits suicide and Kirsten worries he's haunting her.

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