Targeting Rehab - S.W.A.T.
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Nichelle is anxious about her first OIG investigation, thinking that some members of the board will see her as a cop's girlfriend. Hondo knows she's going to make the right call, no matter what it is.

There's an AA meeting, and a guy gets ready to pull out a gun and confronts the guy who is talking. He aims the gun at him, blaming him for his brother's death. He shoots the person talking, and another bullet lands in a girl's leg, but she's going to live.

Deacon gets Lila ready for school, running late, and Deacon finds out she quit soccer. He talks to Annie about it, who tells him that Lila doesn't want to play soccer. Deacon tells Lila to get her cleats anyway; they don't break commitments.

20-Squad pulls up to the rehab center, and Hondo's told that there was another shooting earlier that day.

Luca pulls up an ID on the gunman, Tim Spragg, whose brother recently died, and he took it pretty hard.

Luca talks to Hondo about Eva, wanting to bump her up from patrol and not admitting their relationship. Hondo trusts Luca's judgment about it and promises to look into it.

Street and Powell talk to Tim's dad, trying to get more information. He gives them a description of a car that belonged to the brother, Adrian, and Tim now drives it. He says that Adrian started taking pain meds after blowing his knee playing basketball, and he turned to heroin after he got cut off. He points them to a recovery center that Adrian went to.

Annie shows up at HQ after getting a call that Lila sprained her ankle. She and Deacon have differing opinions on Lila playing soccer, especially since they were supposed to go to the beach that weekend. She'll instead be on crutches. Deacon promises he'll make it up to her.

Street asks Powell about what she meant by letting someone down, and she opens up more about her partner, Gabe, how he went into a dark place and she didn't show up for him. It was too hard to see him like that. Street tells her that Gabe would want to see her, no matter how long it's been.

Tan and Street visit the Ocean Vista rehab center that Adrian went to, as the others dig deeper into the victims to see a connection. Tim was recruiting rehab patients to get close to them, and the victims led back to Ocean Vista. Tim's already at the center, and Tan and Street hear gunshots while evacuating the place.

Tan stays back to help a victim that got shot while Street goes after Tim, who carjacks a Chrysler before Street can catch up to him.

The car Tim hijacked was found just a few miles down the road; he fled on foot. Hondo and Tan talk to the guy that got shot, trying to get a list of employees and off-the-book employees. It's revealed that Tim grabbed his brother's patient files before fleeing; Adrian mainly saw a therapist who no longer works there.

Nichelle shows up to HQ and runs into Deacon, who tells her what's been going on with Lila. He admits that he just wanted to teach her the same lessons he learned. Nichelle tells Deacon about her spelling bees growing up and how she tried a dance class and switched over. Her dad still came to every recital, but he missed the spelling bees deep down.

Eva confronts Luca at HQ about trying to promote her, not liking that he butt his nose in where it doesn't belong. Hondo overhears, and Luca tells him about Eva being his half-sister. Luca was hoping to patch things up with her, and Hondo says there is nothing standing in Eva's way. She probably just wants to be on patrol.

Hondo tells Luca a story about Winnie being a waitress and not being promoted or doing something else, but it was the way Winnie wanted so she could keep learning.

Powell and Street question the therapist, who admits that Adrian's overdose is the reason she quit. She mentions that Adrian made an affirmation video, but she keeps them on her phone. She also says that Adrian blamed his basketball coach as the root of his addiction since he initially pushed him to use painkillers so he could keep playing.

Tim finds Coach Harley, aiming the gun at him. With S.W.A.T. on the way, Tim forces Coach on the bus and takes everyone on it hostage. Deacon finds the kill switch behind the bus, and Hondo calls Coach Harley so he can talk to Tim to talk him down. Powell offers to talk to him, having a sense of what he's going through.

Tim admits that Adrian was his best friend and he was staying with him. Powell tells him that he needs to let go of the guilt, but he's getting more agitated. She tells him about Adrian's affirmation video and they get the tablet to him very slowly.

As Tim watches the video, Tan and Deacon try to sneak onto the bus from the emergency panel on the roof. They get on the bus and arrest Tim.

Hondo praises Powell and tells her he'd recommend her for the crisis negotiator school, but she's had enough after what she did. As Tim is taken away, he thanks Powell for the video.

Luca visits Eva at her police station to apologize. He tells her that she's great at what she does. She loves molding rookies right out of the Academy and bringing up a new generation. It's why Luca hasn't moved up much either at S.W.A.T. Luca hopes that when she's ready, no matter how long it takes, they can give it another try.

Street tells Tan that the department is launching an investigation into Ocean Vista.

Powell takes a trip to Burbank to see Gabe.

Deacon suggests going to the aquarium, but Annie says it doesn't fix the main issue. Deacon feels like it was getting ripped away, and Annie apologizes. The two just feel like their little girl is growing up too fast and are just holding on to something.

Hondo gets home to a crying Nichelle, who asks how he deals with it every day. The shooting was justified; Nichelle just can't take the utter devastation of it all. Hondo says he prays he's making the right call in the split second he has before drawing his weapon. When he needs to distance himself from the job, he focuses on her and the baby.

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