Stolen Armored Vehicle - S.W.A.T.
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  • Opening at an office building, some guys come in with guns and duffle bags, taking the employees hostage.
  • Deacon and Street are volunteering at Nichelle's center, bringing in some donations. Nichelle gives Deacon an envelope with the baby's gender since Annie promised to bake a cake.
  • The squad pulls up to the office to take down the gunmen and rescue the hostages. When Deacon, Tan, and Street rescue the hostages, they realize that no one got shot and no one called 911. Hondo thinks this is a distraction, but they don't know for what.
  • When Luca and Hondo get outside, Black Betty is nowhere to be found, and her tracker is on the ground, and the gunmen are dressed like S.W.A.T. officers.
  • Street and Luca go through Betty's dashcam footage and they look through footage from two weeks ago and see a guy in a hoodie copying Luca's key.
  • Deacon admits to Street that he put Nichelle's envelope in Black Betty since he didn't want to take it on a call, and Street tries to convince him to call the doctor's office, even if Deacon will know the gender.
  • Luca blames himself for Black Betty being taken, and Hondo tries to talk some sense into him.
  • After going door-to-door in the neighborhood where Luca's key got cloned, they get a hit on someone that matches named Bryce McCabe.
  • Hondo and Deacon break into McCabe's place to check things out, and they are hit with a flashbang, courtesy of the FBI and Agent Vasquez, who Hondo worked with in the Hollywood Division. Hondo tries to talk her into working together to take down McCabe, and she gives in.
  • McCabe has been on the FBI's radar for two years, and whatever he has planned is not good.
  • Deacon tells Tan and Street that Hicks was on the panel that denied Vasquez a spot on S.W.A.T. when she was a patrol cop, even though she was a top cop. Hicks admits he was in the wrong to deny her application.
  • Deacon's able to get confirmation on the baby's gender: it's a girl! Unfortunately, Street overheard it, and so did another cop. Now Street and Deacon have to figure out what to do before the news spreads to Hondo.
  • The gunmen, dressed like S.W.A.T., pull up to a bank in Black Betty, evacuating the place. Once 20-Squad and Vasquez make it to the scene, McCabe starts firing, and soon a gunman is down. McCabe and the rest of his guys leave in Betty, but before Luca can follow them, Vasquez lets them escape.
  • It's discovered that there's no case at the FBI built around McCabe, and Vasquez believes that the person behind a bombing a few years ago is in LA and McCabe is the key, having worked with the bomber, Varner.
  • Hondo suggests they let it play out if they want to take out Varner and McCabe. They interrogate the gunman they took in and try to get some information.
  • Luca's still beating himself up for what happened, and Street tells him that they think McCabe might be using Black Betty in a terrorist attack. Luca admits that he outscored his dad and grandfather on driving proficiency, which is why he feels he needs to be behind the wheel, but Street assures him he's taught him so much about the job and none of it was on driving.
  • McCabe brings Black Betty to Varner and a box full of yellowcake uranium used for explosives. Actual S.W.A.T. pulls up to them, and a shootout ensues. Varner goes for Betty to try to get away, and he and McCabe hop in the vehicle and nearly get away, but Luca uses armor-piercing bullets to stop them.
  • Betty is getting a new engine that is better than the one she had, and Deacon asks Luca if she has one more mission in her before they haul her away for repairs.
  • Hondo and Vasquez catch up and smooth things over.
  • Nichelle shows up at HQ after getting Hondo's message, but Hondo swears he didn't send her one. Luca, meanwhile, is upset about something that happened to Black Betty, but when he opens the back, pink balloons and streamers come out. And everyone is as happy as ever.
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S.W.A.T. Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

All that matters is that Hondo and Nichelle are surprised.


Betty is gone. We lost her.