Forming a plan - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 4
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Maddie tells Dana Sue, and Helen she saw Noreen with Kyle, which made her jealous.

Dana Sue shares about her hot kiss with Ronnie on the porch.

Trotter informs the ladies they now have 1-hour parking restrictions.

Kyle talks in therapy about people abandoning him.

Cece is helping Helen at work. Erik comes by with lunch. Helen thanks him for his friendship.

Maddie talks to Zoila, who tells her there is a lot behind the spa, where she can legally offer parking.

Harlan is afraid he'll lose his coaching job. The parents want Cal fired after he lost the championship game. It's a split vote, with Mary Vaughn making the deciding vote.

Mary Vaughn taunts how she gets to control Cal now.

Maddie wants more info about the property behind the spa, but Helen isn't there. Cece offers to help.

Ty visits Annie at Sullivan's and apologizes for not contacting her before. Annie sees her mom kiss Jeremy, blows up at her, and runs out.

Kyle fell trying to get into the house on crutches. He began to cry that he didn't know how to share how invisible he felt.

Maddie thanks Noreen for being there for Kyle but says she can't show up unannounced. Noreen reminds her they're connected because of the kids before leaving.

The doctor says Helen's miscarriage can't be explained. Helen still wants a baby. It means letting go of Ryan.

Issac offers Noreen a place to stay.

Issac and Helen read a bible passage that led them to his birth mom.



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Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

It was hot! Like before he put a ring on it hot.

Dana Sue

The main reason I'm here is to help Ms. Helen with her workload.