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Regina gets some concerning news about her health.

Someone writes "Hearie Bitch" on Bay's locker.

Melody is not a fan of the pilot program at Carlton.

New student Noah might be going deaf.

Emmett thinks Bay is getting close to Noah.

The retreat gets tense.

Regina learns that if she keeps signing, she may lose all use of her hands.

Melody doesn't believe Regina.

Bay and Natalie call a truce.

Emmett doesn't understand why he and Bay aren't together.

Emmett tells Bay he can longer be her friend.


Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Noah: Where's a volleyball when you need one, huh?
Bay: You heard about that?

Natalie: That's the whole problem, hearies calling the shots.
Bay: Um, okay, I'll start. Natalie Pierce is a bully.
Natalie: Bay Kennish is a poser.