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Bay is confused by Regina's behavior. 

Bay asks Daphne if Regina might be drinking again.

Melanie thinks Travis should go to college.

Kathryn tries to talk Daphne into taking on Juliet in the play.

Toby and Elisa are heating up.

Natalie tells Daphne about the plans to expand the hearing program at Carlton.

Zane shows up for dinner with a bottle of wine.

Melody loses her temper about deaf students again.

Bay talks to Zane about Regina.

The school board decides to close Carlton.

Regina lashes out at Bay, and then promises never to drink again.

Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Bay: Ohhh. How Downton Abbey of you.
Noah: Huh?
Bay: Never mind.

Parenting almost makes the campaign look easy, huh?