On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 2, Bay tries to balance her relationship with Emmett and finish up her community service. Meanwhile, Daphne starts her pre-med course and things do not start out well.

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When you watch Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 2, you will see how it is when you start pre-med courses in college. Daphne starts her pre-med courses witht he tough Professor Marillo who has no patience for ignorance or laziness. Daphne also learns that her in interpreter Josh did not leave Marillo's class on the best of terms which makes her feel like she is even more of a target for the strict teacher. When Daphne joins a study group things get even worse for her when they can't slow down so she can keep up with what they are talking about. They eventually kick her out of the group and Josh goes off on the group and tells them they are being complete jerks. Daphne gets upset that Josh is speaking for her when she can speak for herself and fires him. Josh turns up at the next class and tells Daphne he has been his parents voice for most of his life and he isn't used to not being able to speak for someone and he is willing to learn and so Daphne lets him interpret for her again. Meanwhile, Bay tells Tess she gave Robbie the heroin sandwich which got him in trouble and probably added more jail time to his sentence. Tess gets angry with her and lashes out at her. When Bay runs into Tank he gives him some advice and tells her she needs to stand up to Tess and let her know this isn't her fault. The next day while Bay is waiting for Emmett to call Tess takes her phone and breaks it on the floor. This causes Bay to go off and tell Tess she doesn't owe her anything and it is not her fault. When the officer comes over to find out what is going on Bay keeps her mouth shut and doesn't rat out Tess for smashing her phone which causes Tess to respect Bay more.

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On Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 2, Bay tries to balance keeping her relationship with Emmett going and trying to finish off her community service. Meanwhile, Daphne faces some obstacles when she starts her pre-med class.

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Switched at Birth
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Switched at Birth Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

You think I give a rats ass that you have a kid waiting for you back at whatever put you came crawling out of? I don't! I wouldn't think twice about writing you off and getting you locked up like Robbie just so I don't have to look at you anymore.


Josh: Why are you sorry? They should be sorry. What, they can't take the extra three minutes it would take to let us catch up?
Daphne: Josh, I got this.
Josh: You guys are training to be doctor's, right? To heal people would are sick. You guys are douchebags! Did you know that?! Total douchebags!