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Eddie's brother, Mitch is pounding on his door. Danny has a "fuck you" tattoo right in the middle of his chest. Mitch wonders if he should even be using Eddie for this gig because Sam thought it was a bad idea. Mitch assured Sam Eddie was sober. Eddie wonders, "When was I sober?" Mitch lied.

Jordan is out for a jog.

Tim sees his daughter unpacking her things. He wants her to go easy on the "fucks" when she joins him and grandma for breakfast.

Jordan arrives home to that jackass Cuomo on TV. He kisses his wife on the shoulder and strips naked (Thank you God) before getting ready to shower. He notices she's running a pregnancy test. His face betrays his lack of excitement, but he still has a half smile on his face while washing up.

His fiance, though, is very happy to have a negative test. It seems she's less interested in children than he is. Yep. After discussing Trump America, he wonders if having a baby would really be so bad.

Beth says the plan was marriage first, then babies. Jordan suggests flying to Vegas for sex, gambling, and then...

Kayla's grandma is a hot number by way of Kim Cattrall.

Gabe arrives home to a roommate worried about rent. Gabe only wants to sleep.

Hannah is a trainer.

Kayla is attending a new high school for the first time. A fella named Ethan tries to get friendly with her, but she's not at all interested.

A girl named Laney, though, is very interested in Kayla. She thinks Kayla makes a great first impression and wants to sit next to her.

Jordan and Tim are going to work together. Jordan owns a hotel at which Tim will be the chef. Tim might have lost his wife.

Katrina is the hotel's general manager.

At a dinner for friends that night, Beth is into the political discussion while Jordan hopes to steer clear of it. One of their friends admits to being a self-loathing liberal, and another would rather show video of his kid learning to poop. Score!

Laney pings Kayla on the computer. Does she have a fake ID? Cue Kayla sneaking out of the house to get into trouble in an incredibly inappropriate dress for a high school student.

Beth doesn't want children because she's bought all the hype about terrorism and guns and mass shootings. She won't bring a child into a world where her kid can get shot dead in a classroom. Jordan is willing to talk about adoption, about whether she's having second thoughts about them as a couple, but she keeps closing the door.

Kayla and Laney take Molly. A big bad wolf catches the eye of Kayla. She's seeing red roses all over, so even if she could imagine him as a wolf, he'd look hot in her eyes tonight! And like that, the confetti drops, and he's gone to the bar. His name is Nick.

Gabe leaves the club early with his roommate. They go to a party that consists of one dude and a tray of cocaine.

Nick takes Kayla back to his place, and they ravage each other. At the house party, roommate is getting into the owner's pants while Gabe snorts, drinks, and enjoys the view.

Then the guy wants a bit of Gabe. Gabe protests saying the guy is with Billy. When he goes to the bathroom, Gabe finds Billy stealing Dan's money. They all argue over it, Dan falling, hitting his head on the marble table and dying. Billy abandons Gabe who wanted to call the police.

Hannah has massive scarring on her back. She gets a call from Gabe.

Kayla has a tramp stamp that is a wolf.

Nick wants to see Kayla again, but she won't give him her number and admits she won't call him if she gets his. He's missing the point of a hookup, she says.

Tim is at home waiting and worrying about her with the typical Sam Jaeger look on his face that was always featured on Parenthood.

Hannah arrives at Dan's apartment. Hannah wonders why Gabe didn't call the police. He has past charges so he can't, he says. She wishes he had left her out of it.

They set to wiping down the whole place to erase his presence before they hit the camera filled lobby.

Beth is sitting in bed with her coffee the next morning waiting for Jordan to wake up. She wonders if he still wants to go to the rally with her.

Colleen wonders if Kayla had a bad night. She admits she and Kayla's mom never clicked because she blamed Kayla's mom for taking Tim away from her, and then she punished Kayla's mother for it. But to be clear, she's not a good person, she tells Kayla.

Nonetheless, Tim thinks Colleen will be a good influence on Kayla. Tim doesn't realize most people live between right and wrong.

Jordan and Beth are heading toward the rally as people in pig heads nudge their way past. Something bad is going to go down courtesy of the brothers.

Even though they just got there, Beth wants to leave right away when she sees people getting into skirmishes with the police.

Gabe took some Ambien after coke and fell asleep. Hannah lectures him.

Nothing is on the news as of yet. They're watching my aunt and uncle's favorite weatherman! Lonnie!

Beth drags Jordan to the jewelry store. She apologizes to him, admitting everyone is so angry all the time, but she can't let it take over her life.

It kills her that he thought she didn't want him. He's all she's ever wanted. There's not a day she wants to wake up without him. That is her reality. They're very excited.

The next day in school, Kayla and Nick come face to face when he's her substitute teacher.

Just as Beth asks about twine gold wedding bands, the three pigs break into the shop. When they're on the floor, Beth's phone rings. The cop tries to play hero and gets shot in front of her. She's likely traumatized for life. Oh, it's worse. She was shot in the abdomen, and it's very bad.


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Can we please not ruin another dinner talking about Trump?


Oh, don't you look nice. Very sexy. I was slutty when I was your age, too.