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Kayla wakes up at Nick's house, snuggled in his arms. He's given up on pushing her away. He notes they're like one of the dark fairy tales after she refuses to be called Cinderella when she jumps up and starts to get dressed so she doesn't anger grandma.

Gabe finds Hannah beat up. He doesn't agree with her plan to run to North Carolina. They are most definitely not on the same page after Gabe saw Billy tortured and murdered in the bathtub.

Eddie is on pins and needles worried about what's coming next. He almost kills his girlfriend when she comes into the room in the morning. Then he discovers his mask is missing.

Jordan is at the police station with that lost mask.

In class, Kayla argues with another student about Wuthering Heights pointing out that the love between Catherine and Heathcliff is passion and nothing more. Ultimately it's 50 shades of fucked up.

Jordan talks with Tim, telling him how he wants to get the girlfriend to give up Eddie.

Hannah is apparently ex-military. The friend who is helping them, Terry, is missing a foot and says he'd be dead if not for Hannah. Shortly thereafter Gabe sees the scars on her back. Terry gives Hannah his gun and says if she needs anything else, he'll come runnin'.

Ethan wants to keep Kayla in the friend zone. He takes her to a place where you can smash stuff with a baseball bat to let out your anger.

Nick has stalked Kayla there and it turns out Ethan has a record of assault charges he has pled out of and he's spent time in the looney bin. Great, now Kayla has to nutcases on her ass.

Gave is going to pay for a few items in a convenience store with a wad of bundles money. He returns with like six plastic bags filled to the brim.

Ethan walks Kayla home and turns into an animal when he gets her inside. Grandma pulls his hair and shoves him out the front door.

Colleen needs to know how to not care about Kayla because she's fucking exhausted and needs to get some sleep. 

At the club, Crazy goes on and Eddie wants to know who paid the DJ 1000 bucks to play it. Jordan taunts him and grabs his girlfriend for a quick chat. She assures him Eddie didn't kill Beth. She'll tell him who did in an alleyway after closing.

Instead, she has alerted Eddie and the two men get into a fight. Eddie bests Jordan and mumbles nobody was supposed to die.

Hannah and Gabe arrive in Virginia at their parents' house. She is not happy.


Tell Me A Story
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Tell Me A Story Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Jordan: Eddie and his friends murdered Beth!
Det: Not of the other witnesses were able to identify Eddie.
Jordan: But I did!!

Don't do that! Don't try and connect with on some personal level to pacify me!