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Jim is on the case for the Sixers’ spy. Soon he figures out it is Skye because she lied about where she was and there is video of her sneaking out of camp.  Instead of taking her into custody, they tell her Taylor's plan, hoping they could surprise Mira when she showed up to ambush them.


Skye never told Mira, because she's only spying about things she has to in order to keep her mom safe.  Before her mom tells her to leave camp and tell Taylor the truth, Lucas makes Skye download information from the Eye onto a memory card of his.  He then figures out how to go back through the portal, and leaves for 2149.


Taylor sends for Skye's mom, and his mole inside the Sixers brings her back with the medicine to save her.  Terra Nova then prepares for the 11th pilgrimage and Lucas's employers.

Terra Nova
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Terra Nova Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

How is the great Commander? Has he walked on water yet?


Skye: Have you always hated him this much?
Lucas: No, not always. It started in 2138.