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Echo is taken by Russell and made into a nightblood. The plan is for her to become Simone, and for Ryker to make that happen. He can't go through with it so Echo tells him a story about her past, revealing that she isn't actually Echo and she took the name on from a girl she killed who was going to kill her at the command of Nia. 

She then is saved by Miller and Gaia who worked together to escape their cell. Echo then kills Ryker because hesitation is weakness. 

Murphy is sent to get Josephine and the others, and for that he gets rewarded with the drives. 

Bellamy, Octavia, Gabriel, and Clarke all try to make a plan to save their people. They are interrupted by Gabriel's children arriving and finding out the truth. They trap them but are convinced to let them join on the plan to take over Sanctum. 

Bellamy and Octavia are sent on a mission where they take over everything. Bellamy makes it clear that she is his sister but not his responsibility anymore.

Clarke and Gabriel decide on a plan but are interrupted by Jade and Murphy, so Clarke takes on the persona of Josephine. She tricks Russell and is able to get inside. She sees that Madi is being used for bone marrow but pretends she doesn't care to get Russell to believe her. 

The 100
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The 100 Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Bellamy: What do you want me to say, O?
Octavia: Say I'm your sister.
Bellamy: You're my sister. But you're not my responsibility. Not anymore.

Bellamy: Hey, you're okay. You're still here.
Clarke: Thanks to you. How long have I been asleep?
Bellamy: A few hours. I'm so sorry, Clarke. I knew you were a target. I didn't protect you.
Clarke: Bellamy, you saved me.