It's the brink of war between the Grounders and the Arkers on The 100 Season 2 Episode 7. Will the Arkers leave Camp Jaha to avoid the war? Or will they stay and fight?

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At Mount Weather, the experiments on the 47 continue, while Jasper, Monty and their crew worked to find a way out to safety. Cage and Dr. Tsing have a new plan to save their people, but it will be a difficult idea to sell to Dante.

Back at Camp Jaha, a battle for power and control takes place between Abby and Jaha. Who is the legitimate Chancellor? They have very different ideas about how the situation with the Grounders should be handled. With Arker lives in danger, the wrong decision could lead to the extermination of their people. The Chancellor makes a decision based on what is believed to lead to the best chance for peace.

As danger looms, Lincoln goes through withdrawal from "Red" with the help of Octavia, Bellamy and Clarke. His rage is real and threatens them. Clarke realizes that the Mountain Men are not only working with the Reapers, but actually creating them. She uses this information as a bargaining chip with Lexa. Will it work?

Watch The 100 online now to find out! The episode is intense throughout the entire hour.

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On The 100 Season 2 Episode 7, Bellamy and Octavia end up being in possession of an extremely dangerous secret that could change everything.

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