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Part One: Janelle

Janelle chats with her son about the pitfalls of being at an Ivy League school. She recieves an email from the Board of Directors asking her to urgently meet them. 

She meets with Noah, who is with Sasha. She does not know who Sasha is and the two men laugh at her. 

Janelle is confused, but rolls with it. When they arrive at Vik's funeral, they are stunned to learn that they should have worn all-white. 

Janelle gets a phone call from Joel, telling her that he is so happy to be working with her on the job they have. 

At the wake, Janelle is treated like the help and is upset. She turns to her ex-husband for assistance, but they just argue their time awau. 

Part Two: Helen

Helen is on the set of the movie and she is annoyed by the way the woman who is playing her is acting. 

Sasha is taken with Helen instantly and tries to get closer to her. After watching Vik's video, she makes her way to Sasha's. They get closer, but Helen is still unsure about him. 

Part Three: Joanie

Joanie finishes one job and moves on to the next after having morning sickness. She has to return to Montauk and it's a shell of its former self. 

Global warming has destroyed it to the point that the sea life has moved in-land. 

She plans on staying at Cole's but when she gets there, she realizes there's something off when there's no electricity. 

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The Affair Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Helen: I just wasn't prepared for how permanent it is.
Sasha: Death is relentless.

Noah: This is my daughter.
[Sasha kisses Whitney's hand.]
Whitney: Hi.
Noah: Who is very young, very engaged.