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Part 1: Sierra

Sierra struggles to look after her child. She goes to an audition her mother got her and leaves her so in the car to attend. 

When she returns, she has a breakdown and lies that it was for a role in a movie that she was practicing. 

Her mother comes to visit and they bicker over the way Sierra was raised. Prior to that, her mother agrees to watch the kid when she gets the role of her dreams. 

The next morning, however, her mother texts and says that she has the flu. 

Sierra turns to Helen who tells her to figure it out on her own. Stacey follows and offers to look after the kid. 

Sierra agrees but then goes out on the town after filming and has sex with the director. 

When she returns home, Helen is pissed. 

Sierra then takes her kid out in the car while drunk to get him to sleep, but she crashes. He survives. 

Part 2: Helen

Helen is happy with Sasha, but she starts to recognize that he has flaws and is not as perfect like she first thought. 

He breaks promises and argues with the daughter of his ex-wife. 

Helen is mad at him. 

Noah then tells her that he loves her and wants to move away with her. 

That does not go down well with Helen who complains that Sasha is the better man. 

Helen then goes to a party, yet Priya persistently calls and texts her because she wants her brother to meet his nephew. 

However, Priya wants Helen to lie that the child is her own. 

The Affair
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The Affair Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Helen's Friend: This is basically your debut.
Helen: As what?
Helen's Friend: Sasha Mann's girlfriend.

Sierra: Could you watch him for me? I'm kind of desperate.
Helen: Well, you brought a child into this world. Figure it out.