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It's the morning after for John and Sara. Libby was wounded in her tussle with Sara. A patient, Pauly, brings Kreizler to see Houdini perform. Violet complains to Hearst about John's capers with Sara. Hearst shows her how he is attacking Sara in The Journal. Sara ponders where Libby kept the babies. Bitsy brings the paper to John's house. Sara's office phone has been ringing with offers of work as a resut of the article. Knox suggests kidnapping another baby to Libby. Pauly nearly hangs himself trying to duplicate Houdini's trick. Led by Doyle, the police arrive to investigate. John and Sara find LIbby's hidden nursery at the boardinghouse. Karen attempts to give perspective to Laszlo. There are memory boxes for several infants in Libby's nursery. There is also a brush with a family crest on it. Kreizler is suspended from his practice pending a medical-board investigation. Kreizler tells Sara about Karen. Violet confides to John how much marrying him means to her. Sorting through old clippings, John discovers that crest is for the Vanderbilts. At a park, Libby snatches a Vanderbilt baby while its governess is distracted by a crying child. A trio of dusters threaten Joanna but Cyrus arrives just in time. Cornelius Vanderbilt is running a private investigation of the abduction. Sara agrees to work for Vanderbilt if Laszlo is reinstated and if Byrnes works under her. Sara recalls that Libby's father hung himself from a bridge. Kreizler notes the connection between John and Sara. Karen tries to expand Laszlo's view of sexual proclivities. Hearst convinces Byrnes to look at working with Sara as an opportunity to showcase his abilities. John and Sara deduce that Libby will hide in Brooklyn. Libby hides on a rooftop where she can see the Brooklyn Bridge, where her father killed himself. 

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness
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The Alienist: Angel of Darkness Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I lost my baby. She was stolen from me.


John: In my mind, it was easy enough to tell you how I felt, what this has meant. But words fail me. All I want is to be worthy of you, Sara.
Sara: You are engaged to be married, John. It's just not that simple.
John: It could be.